Seeking the Manifold Wisdom of God on Indianapolis' Near-eastside

Green Roof.

by csmith - September 28, 2007 - 8:36 am

Here’s a few pictures of the commercial building that we own at the corner of 10th and Rural streets.  We have been blessed to get a significant amount of grant money for the purpose of putting a “green roof” on the building (one of the first in Indianapolis!!!).  Here is a good introduction to what [...]

The Church and Eating

by csmith - - 8:11 am

Jim’s comments in the previous post reminded me of a piece that I wrote for an internet journal about 10 years ago…  I’m posting it here to continue the conversation about the church and eating… Fat Christians in an Age of Hunger?: New research finds the Church typically heavier than non-churched segments of society by [...]


by csmith - - 7:56 am

[Jim Aldrich's thoughts on a recent Sunday night conversation] Last Sunday night’s (9/16/07) topic/beginning assertion was: “it is at the level of our desires that we most need transformation.”            The conversation turned pretty abruptly to a “God’s Will” discussion, as Melissa has an opportunity she would like to pursue but doesn’t know whether she ought. [...]

Wendell Berry…

by csmith - September 23, 2007 - 11:42 pm

There is… um, how shall I say it?…  a great fondness for Wendell Berry here at Englewood…  When he spoke here in Indy two years ago, a swarm of us went to hear him and then another swarm met on the next day to talk with other Ekklesia Project people about the meaning of Berry’s [...]

A conversation on the Church and Justice.

by csmith - September 18, 2007 - 9:55 am

Englewood will be helping to host the following event.  There is a printable flyer available if you want to help spread the news… ——— Being the Hands of Jesus Wherever You Are A conversation with Will and Lisa Samson authors of the recent book JUSTICE IN THE BURBS Saturday October 6, 2007 Earth House Coffee [...]

News Roundup.

by csmith - - 8:40 am

Here are three brief articles of note that have crossed my virtual desktop in the last couple of days:  1) On Sunday the NY Times ran an op-ed piece that, in light of the recent episodes of toxic toys imported from China, questions why we even need 56 varieties of Polly Pocket toys?  This piece [...]

The Blog Conversation.

by csmith - September 17, 2007 - 8:55 am

In order to facilitate conversation on our blog, I have added a widget (that’s a technical term, believe it or not) on the right hand column that shows the last 5 comments that have posted to the blog.  Now, you don’t have to go digging to see what people are saying in response to previous [...]

The Neighborhood.

by csmith - September 13, 2007 - 11:04 am

Some very exciting things are going on in our neighborhood these days.  The Near-east side of Indy has been named one of six “Great Indy Neighborhoods” — not that these neighborhoods are necessarily great right now, but this initiative intends to spur development that will make the neighborhoods great.  The challenge, of course, is to [...]

Shane Claiborne: How I celebrated ‘Patriot Day’

by csmith - September 12, 2007 - 1:01 pm

Wednesday, September 12, 2007 How I Celebrated ‘Patriot Day’ (by Shane Claiborne) A few weeks ago we looked at the calendar and saw that Sept. 11 is now officially titled “Patriot Day.” We started thinking of what would be an appropriate way to celebrate and remember this day, especially for those of us who have [...]

Farming the Concrete Jungle…

by csmith - - 11:08 am

Here is an article that will resonate with many of our folks at Englewood: Farming the Concrete Jungle In cities across the country urban farmers are growing communities, greening the landscape and revolutionizing food politics. [ READ THE FULL ARTICLE ]