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[Chris Smith] Imagining Creation – Post #1

by csmith - October 6, 2008 - 7:38 am

I have been helping to coordinate an event for the Spirit and Place Festival called “Imagining Creation” which will be held on Sunday Nov. 9.  This event is a conversation around these questions: What part does spirituality play in the green movement? In his Ethical Living blog, Giulio Sica wonders whether the environmental debate is [...]

From Ireland: Mike asks some questions about Christian communities

by csmith - - 7:22 am

An unauthorized cut-n-paste from Mike and Lisa’s Ireland blog: Yesterday, we enjoyed a marvelous day highlighted by an assembly of worship with the church in Kenmare. They were gracious enough to ask me to speak about Englewood. Although they kept thanking me for the words of encouragement to them, we were the ones most encouraged. [...]