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Our Covenant.

by csmith - December 4, 2007 - 12:11 pm

This post is long overdue, as we completed our work on this covenant back in July. I just have kept forgetting to post it here.

 A little background…  In January 2006, we started a conversation to review what it means to be a member of Englewood.  By October 2006, we had started to draft this covenant.  We went round and round on some of the content and wording and got to a point where we had to lay it aside for a few months.  (The stickiest issue was the second point of the covenant, especially the notion of “the discernment of the body”)   However, in June 2007, we re-visited it and finally agreed on a draft that we could agree to move forward with, and we also agreed that we would evaluate how it was working out in about a year (mid-summer 2008).

  • Believing the One God to be the sovereign creator of all, Who became flesh in the person of Jesus of Nazareth and continues to be present in the Holy Spirit,  I submit all I am and all I possess to God’s kingdom reign. 
  • Affirming God’s love for the world and His reconciliation of all things to Himself, I submit my hopes and dreams to God’s coming kingdom through the discernment of the body. 
  • Rejecting the wisdom of this age, Jesus came as the complete expression of the wisdom of God, which was revealed in the signs He performed and the nature He displayed. We embrace this wisdom and we participate in His kingdom as we daily practice the continuing works and nature of Christ, including radical self-denial, prayerful trust in God’s guidance and provision and deep love for friends and enemies alike. 
  • Being united by God’s grace through the Spirit as Englewood Christian Church, we confess that we are a manifestation of Christ in this location, that God has provided all we need to mature to the fullness of Christ, and that God’s spirit is the constantly abiding presence of God with us.
  •  Reading the Scriptures as the God-breathed record of the Divine mission in history, and recognizing that God continues to work in the world through the faithfulness of His gathered people, we daily submit ourselves to the narratives and the directives we discern from its pages.  
  • Recognizing we are the people of God, a tangible presence of Christ in this place, we commit ourselves to love God and one another by daily living out the reality of the kingdom in such ways as caring for one another, laying aside self-interest, giving and receiving admonition, giving and receiving counsel, and speaking truthfully with one another. 
  • Believing God’s Spirit to be present whenever and wherever God’s children gather together in Christ’s name and for His purposes, I will honor God’s presence and respect the time and effort of my sisters and brothers by attending as much as is reasonably possible, by diligently using my gifts to prepare for and to enrich our time together.


I have also created a webpage containing the covenant, which is linked from our ABOUT US page.

Mike Bowling has spent most of the late summer and fall preaching through this covenant, stepping through it and providing a scriptural defense of each clause of the covenant.  I’m hoping to get those sermons uploaded soon and then put together a page that would link each clause of the covenant to the relevant sermon.

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